Date: Saturday August 10th at 7pm.

Rules And Regulations

​1. Baker racing has the right to refuse any entry or spectator admittance.

2. All cars should be signed in and inspected at least 1hr. Before race time. A late fee of $100 will apply to drivers. This will help the derby to start on time.

​3. An entry fee of $40 will be charged for each car entered and $40 for each passenger. Fees must be paid prior to inspection. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE DUE TO FAILURE TO MEET REGULATIONS.

4. All persons MUST sign entry form, insurance waiver, release form, pay entry fees, and purchase pit passes before entering pit areas. 

5. All drivers and riders must be 16 years or older. Must be able to provide proof of age if asked for by officials. Anyone under 18 years old MUST have a parent or guardian sign a minor waiver and release form. NO EXCEPTIONS.

6. No alcohol allowed in the pits. This includes pit crews. If you or your pit crew is caught with alcohol you will be disqualified.

7. No harassing of the judges will be allowed at any time by drivers, passengers, crew members, or spectators. Failure to abide by this rule will cause a forfeit of drivers entry and or winnings and all involved will be removed from premises. 

8. No hot-rodding in the pits! Keep it at an idle!

9. You must have at least a 15” x 15” roof sign with your car number on it.

10. You must make an aggressive hit every 60 seconds.

11. Any open door or second fire will be a cause for disqualification. If we run heats and this happens you will be allowed to fix it and return in the consi.

12. Top three winning cars must remain on track until released by officials. Cars are subject to re-inspection before any prize money is handed out. Cars found illegal will be stripped of all prize money.

13. NO HITTING IN DRIVERS DOOR OR PASSENGER DOOR IF CAR HAS A PASSENGER IN IT. There is no using the door as a shield also. If the hit is deemed to be careless or intentional you will be disqualified. If you use your door as a defense we will not enforce this rule.

14. SANDBAGGING IS NOT TOLERATED AND WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED! Locking up brakes prior to a hit for anything other than a drivers door (or passengers if a rider is present) will be a cause for disqualification.

15. If you think someone is sandbagging hit them with your car on the track.

16. Any questions or controversies will be discussed at drivers meeting.

17. All drivers must attend drivers meeting.

18. All drivers must pick up winning and trophies at the completion of the event or they will be forfeited. They will not be available at a later date.

19. No reinforcements allowed other than specified below. Any metal added to the car to reinforce the car is illegal.



DO NOT READ ANYTHING INTO THESE RULES, JUST READ THE RULES!! If it doesn't say you can, YOU CAN'T! Or you will be loaded, your choice! - NO black cars, dark cars must have contrasting letter/numbers. DO NOT paint anywhere on suspension or frame, we will not even inspect your car. - Old iron and metric cars - Body component must be direct bolt up only. Must be factory hardware or equivalent in size - Remove all glass mirrors and plastic.

- Remove all decking in wagons - Vehicles must be swept clean of all debris - No sedagons, ZERO crease enhancement, ZERO sheet metal or frame shaping, forming or folding. - Deck and Hood must be 100% in stock location and open for inspection. After inspection you may tuck trunk with a single 90-degree bend. - Anything can be removed, NOTHING can be added - Fasten trunks, hoods, tailgates in 4 places, 2 strands of #9 wire, or you may use angle iron 2x2- 4inches long back to back with bolt through them, you may weld doors 6 inches total on each vertical seam only. Both front doors may be welded solid for safety. Do not weld hood or trunk, except 4-1/2" tack welds per washer 1"washers max or angle with bolts through them.

BODYMOUNTS - You may have a 4in free floating spacer between core support and frame - If you choose to change your core support mounts with 2 of your threaded rod you get 3 plates 1/4” thick 5” x 5” max OD 7 5/8” nuts 7 3" OD max 1/8” thick washers per threaded rod CORE SUPPORT ONLY - Body mounts and spacers to remain stock and in place. DO NOT EVEN TOUCH THEM Exception, You may change a total of 6 body bolts out, with 5/8" threaded rod 24"long max with 3 nuts, 3 5/8” store bought washers and 3 5” x 5” 1/4" thick plates per rod. Must be straight vertical rod only, no bends or angle pieces. Must have 1-inch rubber or metal spacer no larger than stock body pucks and all bottom nuts must be inside frame. If they are broken or rusted out, a single piece #9 wire may be substituted. ZERO welding allowed to mount this rod. Rusted out body bolts may be removed and replaced with a single strand of #9 wire. - #9 wire or chain required in the front windshield.

FRAMES - You may dimple your rear frame rails - NO welding on frames allowed.

SUSPENSION - you may use 2” x 2” straps to hold upper a-arms down. 2 per upper a-arm. - you may change coil springs to a stiffer oem passenger car spring. Front springs in the front. Rear springs in the rear. No swapping locations. - All suspension must remain stock. ZERO aftermarket parts. - Rear control arms may be changed but must be stock NO SHORTING %100 stock - You may use (store bought spring spacers, no homemade no spacers on top of the springs) - You may you a single strand #9 wire to hold coil spring to rear end and leaf sprung cars may use 4 single strands #9 wire as leaf clamps.

DRIVETRAIN - (2) 3/8 threaded rod two 3"wide straps bolted to core support with (2) 3/8 bolts per strap to hold radiator in. - ANY drivetrain & transmission (manuals allowed no aftermarket bellhousings OEM only ) allowed with the following criteria. - Only the lower stock engine mounts may be welded to cradle only. You may use two 1/2" thick 6” x 6” spacers to raise engine. If you need more than 1/2" to raise engine to clear steering components, may not exceed rubber mount area. You may extend off back of cradle but nothing excessive, 1/2" flat plate only (example SBC in Caddy, Mopar) - No tranny protectors, stock mounting only, stock cross members only. - May use 2’’ x 3’’ x 6’’ 1/4" angle or 2” x 2” square tube… If relocating (2- 1/2" bolts per side to mount to frame or weld to the side of frame. - You may weld rear end gears . - Rear end swaps allowed, Ford, GM or Mopar Clarification: All must be factory axles (cast flanges) and rear ends, we will allow you to weld factory brackets on rearend to mount any 5-lug passenger rearend. , You may brace rear end and pinion brakes are ok. C-clip to Bolt-in mods allowed. All mods must be on rearend, nothing allowed on frame or body. You can run rearend of choice but has to have factory control arms. - You may run 1 spot of #9 from rear end to frame per side, nothing thru body. 4 loops, 8 strands together in center twist only. - Floor shifters allowed, headers allowed, aftermarket pedals, and aftermarket columns ok., Clarification: none may strengthen car. 6 x 5/8" max bolts and 3" washer max. Clutch pedal may be mounted to dash bar only. - Lower engine cradles ok with stock mounts. No skid plates, protectors of any kind, and no aftermarket parts of this nature at all. -If u run an LS you may use conversion brackets 3/16” max thickness no gussets. to accept an old-style rubber frame mount. Please call. - You may run the chevy to ford engine mounts 3/16” max thickness no gussets. 3 PLATE DESIGN PLEASE CALL - You may have 2-5/16” chains 1 per side attached from block or headers to engine frame mount not to frame or cradle nothing excessive only for safety - You may swap engines, ie.. Chevy in a Ford. - Slip shafts allowed.

DRIVERS COMPARTMENT: - 4-point square, (1) down tube in the center of each front door welded to sheet metal only nothing to the frame. max 60-inch cage over all measurement. 6-inch max. Must be mounted horizontally and 6 inches off floor. Gussets only in interior of 4-point cage. - Halo bar allowed (2)1/2 bolts with 1/2 washers to attach to roof, only to the back-seat bar or sidebars, not to floor. Gas tank mount may be welded to back bar but must be 6 inches from rear sheet metal. You can have a fuel tank protector but has to be minimum of five inches from all sheet metal and floor(this means doors, package tray, and floor) - Drivers door must be padded. - Gas tank and single battery must be moved and secured. Tank behind the seat, Battery centered in the passenger front floor. - Nothing may be mounted in a way that strengthens the car. - Trans coolers allowed. Must be mounted inside 4-point cage area. Or on cage must be tight to cage if mounted on back bar.

Bumpers: - you may weld rear bumper straight to frame or follow the rules for the front bumper if using a shock. - You may weld on any DI approved bumper (see below), you may weld bumper bracket(in factory location) to frame 4 inches from the back of bumper, in addition you may put (4) 1 inch welds on back side of bumper bracket or to weld shock inside frame (example Crown Vics). - You may shorten front frames up to an inch in front of the core support mount you may also be hardnosed - Or you may chain, 2 piece of chain per side BOLTED from the mount to mount to hold on the bumper.

- Any approved DI tire, Brakes MUST work.

- Small bead ring allowed on rims - Engine cradles may only be plated on topside only.. - You may run a lower cradle and front engine plate, but must run an oem motor mount from the parts store. (no chains or poly mounts.)

Only welding allowed is doors, bumper, engine mount, cage and rear end! This build should only take 3 days, if you spend more than that you are overbuilt for this class and will not run! If you call me on these, the answer is most likely NO! Simple rules, simple build, keep it that way. Again do not get "creative" or read into these rules, let’s get back to the basics. If it is not clearly described above, it is not allowed.

Pre ran cars will be allowed 2 4x6 patch plates per rail for repairs. 


1. 108” Wheelbase or less FWD only. (NO FRAMERS)

2. Bumpers must remain stock that came with car and unaltered. No welding or reinforcing. (NO STUFFING UNIBODIES WE WILL BE SCOPING THEM). You can have 2 strands of #9 wire per side from bumper to core support to keep bumper from falling off. (IF CAR CAME WITH PLASTIC BUMPER YOU MAY ADD ANOTHER COMPACT BUMPER BUT MUST BE BOLTED ON IDENTICAL AS STOCK ONE. NO BUMPERS OFF A FRAME MINI. MUST BE A OEM THIN ONE LIKE COMES ON FWDS.NO WELDING.

3. Doors, hood, and trunks must be held shut with chain or #9 wire only. Absolutely BOTH N4. You can have a maximum of 4 point cage that does not extend more than 12” behind seat. You can have fuel tank protector but it can only be wide enough to protect fuel cell. (NOT DOOR TO DOOR). You can also have a halo bar.

5. Fuel tank must be removed and a metal boat tank or homemade metal tank mounted in rear seat area. Battery (Maximum of 2) needs to be mounted in passenger floorboard.

6. Suspension needs to remain stock other than you can weld strut shaft to make car sit higher.




1. Any regular electric power wheel is allowed. No 4 wheeler type vehicles allowed. Childs legs must be in a compartment. Ride in not ride on.

2. Kids 3- 10 years of age may participate. There are two age groups: 3-5 and 6-10.

3. Helmets must be worn.

4. Vehicle is allowed to have maximum of one battery which cannot be mounted in the passenger seat and battery must be secured and sealed away from the child.

5. All doors and tailgates must be strapped shut. No sharp edges. Use zip ties or duct tape or other flexible products for making them stay shut.

6.Tires can be wrapped in duct tape to keep them from breaking.

7. Motor must remain stock. Only modification is the battery.

8. You can add decorations like headers etc. but they cannot reinforce car.

Any questions feel free to contact Joshua Baker at 618-697-0743, on face-book, or email at:


(618) 751-9318

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