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JOIN THE JR. Fair Board

Image by Drew Beamer
Applications are now being accepted for the 2024-2025 Williamson County Junior Fair Board, a group of outstanding youth who serve as Ambassadors for the longest continuous running fair in Illinois. Interviews will be held in May; date(s) to be determined. If you have been selected to be interviewed, you will be notified by telephone.
Applicants need not to be members of 4-H or FFA. However, must be the ages between 12-23 and live in or go to school in Williamson County. The purpose of the Junior Fair Board is to provide young adults with an opportunity to develop leadership skills, perform community service and become aware of the business and operations of the Williamson County Fair. Duties will include providing outreach in the members' communities and schools as well as providing input to the fair staff and Fair Board as to what their age groups would like to see at the fair.
The Junior Fair Board's efforts will also include pre-fair set up in all departments of the fair and involvement in all the pre-fair activities. During the fair, board members will assist with various tasks including, assist with events, grounds keeping, and provide general assistance as needed. Junior Fair Board member meetings will start in May and will meet once a month up until the month before the fair then meetings will be weekly to the opening of the Fair. Meetings are on Tuesdays and begin at 6:00 pm and last 1-1½ hours.
Junior Fair Board Shirts will be provided for members. If chosen as a JFB member, as a representative of the Fair, your role as a JFB member will require you to often be in the public eye, which may include being photographed or appearing in promotional fair materials with social media. Junior Fair Board members and their parents will be required to review and sign a Code of Conduct that will outline the expectations of Junior Fair Board members.
Behavior deemed unacceptable by the Senior Fair Board or Junior Fair Board Coordinator may be cause for dismissal. This will verify that you and your parents understand what is expected of you. If you are selected, you will serve a term of one year and you may reapply each year to be reconsidered a Junior Fair Board member. Applications can be found on our website: or by Contacting Cassie Gossett at 618-964-4987
                                   FOR AN APPLICATION CLICK HERE Print It Off and send it via Email
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