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Williamson County IL Fair


OCTOBER 3 - 9 2021

About Our Fair

FairBoard Members

President / Treasurer - Rick Herring

Vice President - Gary Pearson

Secretary - Randy Stephens

Directors - Jerry Barrass, Kevin Tondoni, Tommy Simmons, Tyra Zoeller Hill, Michael Oliver, Ernie Williams, Cassie Gossett

Samantha Allen

Jack O' Lantern

All The Fun In One Fair

Fair Food, Demo Derby,  Pageant, Pumpkin Carving, Haybale Painting and so much more....

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Download Our WCIF Pageant form for 2021

0 - 15 years old.

Download HERE

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Williamson County Pageant Contestant Info Click Here

Official Rules and Regulations Click Here

Please Download and Print Rules and Contestant Info!

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OCt 3 - 9 2021